Bio: Hi everyone, I’m Seyi and I like to keep myself busy. I have learnt that life doesn’t always go the way you want it to but if God is control of your life be sure that the end would be in your favour. Yes I said ‘God’ however this is not a Christian blog I am merely stating my love for The Supreme Being. So back to the matter...ME! I belong to the school of thought where we always look at the glass half full therefore; I try to make the most of every situation I find myself in. I am a Lawyer (in view). This is cool although I don’t know if I would practice but never say never right? Right! I am also a media personality. I intentionally call myself that because I have been privileged to have ‘proper informal’ education and experience by producing and anchoring radio programs, writing articles for newspapers and little bit of television presenting. I model, been the face of some big brands in the country so for bookings please send a mail to elolawal@gmail.com. Just kidding or not. You can see more of my professional life on LinkedIn. Music is something I am passionate about. I sing and dance too. In another life I would probably be a performer unfortunately not this life but never say never right? Here I am blabbering on and on instead of sweet talking you into reading my blog so here it goes... Writing was actually an afterthought considering my career goals but right before Valentine’s Day in 2014, I had this nagging urge to write about the day of love and since then I have been unable to stop my fingers from hammering away on my keyboard like it’s doing now. I would leave you to my stories so please enjoy the read, leave a comment and share.

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One thought on “About

  1. What a nice concept, the token I have is that , you ca use this blog to win more souls for christ and your name will be registered in heaven. Just create some column for Gods word on your webpage. Keep It up this is just the beginning SKY is YOUR LIMIT.

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