The crave of death – 1

He saw all things. He was the most powerful amongst all and after him came us. He always said that we were next in line even though we all knew that he wasn’t ever going anywhere but just wanted to make us all feel good. He was kind to everyone at all times because he loved us. We all sought to please him and therefore rarely ever saw him angry and anyone who had the misfortune of seeing that side saw their end soon after…

colourful skies



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Life & Vanities 2

The emptiness I felt was unending.

My heart seemed like a bottomless pit and all I wanted to do was fill the void but I had no idea how to do that. I had searched and found nothing yet I refused to give up. I searched some more until she found me and then she told me what I thought to be the truth, but I now know to be lies. She said she had the solution to my problem. Being young and naive, I foolishly believed her…

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Instant Gratification Freeway Green Road Sign Satisfaction

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