Justice vs mercy vs grace



He took property that didn’t belong to him

He must be locked away
Justice must be done
She took a life just because she could
She must be hanged
Justice must be seen
He planned to oust the king
We shall throw away the keys
Justice must be heard
‘Coward!’ shouted the soldiers
He shall be killed by the firing squad
Justice must prevail…
(Available in the E-book)

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7 thoughts on “Justice vs mercy vs grace

  1. Beautiful. This is in simple terms what Jesus came to do for us because Justice isn’t always the best solution.

    In turn we should remember to extend the mercy He constantly extends to us to others and by so doing be true reflections of His perfect nature.

    Seyi you write beautifully. Don’t ever stop.

  2. Beautiful piece, amazing depth. The law punishes, grace gives a second chance. That’s what Jesus came to do.

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