Story story!

Hi guys, I deeply apologize for the hiatus… been writing but surprisingly,  I negligently left out my own blog!

On that note I would be posting stories every other day until you are up to date with my work…. Here’s the first, enjoy!


Tales by moonlight (TBM) was something I always looked forward to as a little child. For a lot of us who grew up in the city it was something we loved to hear,  I in particular loved to hear stories about the village and interesting tales of Mr. Tortoise. Most times, there came a moral lesson at the end of every story and it was good. As children, we could connect with our roots and at the same time learn valuable lessons. Sadly, the African story-telling culture is dying out because most people are only interested in all things western. It is our prerogative not to let that happen, so I am going to do my own bit by telling my very own episode of TBM. I hope you enjoy it…

There was once a beautiful young lady who was betrothed to the king’s youngest son. She was the envy of all the other young girls in the village and her family could not be happier. The young folks got married and the ceremony was the grandest and the most talked-about in a long time. They were said to be a match made in heaven.” In no time the bride conceived and gave birth to a beautiful girl and named her Ada…

(Available in E Book)


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9 thoughts on “Story story!

  1. Poor Ada! She had to go bear death to learn vital character lessons. Well good she did anyway.
    Nice read.

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